Frequently Asked Questions


Cancellation Policy

Here at Green Isle, we understand that life happens. If you cannot make your flight, please provide us with 24 hours notice and we will cancel or reschedule your adventure at no charge. 

Weather can get in the way of flying. To ensure your safety, this means we may need to cancel your flight or alter your departure time. If this happens we will work to give you as much notice as possible, and to reschedule a time and day that works for you at no charge. 

Where Will I Sit? 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee seating in advance. This is because our pilots may need make seating adjustments by weight in order to keep the helicopter safely balanced in flight.

What Should I Wear? 

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dark colours to reduce reflections from the windows that could affect your pictures. However, you may wear whatever you like. Please note that for safety reasons, hats and loose articles must be removed prior to embarking. 

What Should I Bring? 

Your friends, family, and of course your Camera! Unfortunately due to safety reasons and storage restrictions, items such as food, drinks, large bags and backpacks are not permitted. However we will gladly store these items for you safely in our office.   


Please find a price list and details for our standard tours here.

Payment Options

We accept cash, Interac, and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Union Pay. 

Flights operated by Atleo River Air Service LTD